Secret Staging Tips to Help You Sell Your House

If you need to sell your house fast, regardless the market at the moment, it all comes down to getting your potential buyers emotionally invested. If they are not falling in love with your house, they will simply wait until they find the house of their dreams. Price is usually secondary when a buyer falls in love with the house, so getting a full price offer in any market is possible if you follow a few simple tips from the best real estate agents in the world.

Premier One a Charleston Real Estate Firm sat down recently and gave us a few secret staging tips to help sell your house quickly.

Charleston Real EstateThe key to getting them in the house is getting them to fall in love with the exterior of the house. This means paying a real landscaping company to give the property a clean modern look. These experts will trim all the trees, power wash the house, driveway, and fences, as well as plant flowers, mulch around trees, and edge the grass.

In order to get potential buyers to want the house, they need to be able to imagine themselves that their family in the there. They can’t do this when the kitchen cabinets, closets, attic, and garage, are stuffed full of your junk. Start packing non-essentials early and get those boxes out to storage so they can be loaded to a moving truck at a later time. Less clutter means easier times for buyers to connect with the house.

When a potential buyer is coming to look at the house, put on some soft music, light a candle, open the curtains, turn on all the lights. show them you have nothing to hide.

If you know a real estate agent is coming by to show the house, get your family and pets loaded up and out of the house. No buyer wants to feel rushed or have the homeowners looking over their shoulders. Give them space and enough time to fall in love with the house.

Always have the house in show condition. If you have a dining room table, set the table with plates and silverware to give the house a real cozy feel. During the winter, have a fire burning if you have a fireplace. Anything to get the buyers hooked on the house.

Now that you know what it will take to get those potential buyers emotionally connected with your home, take these one at a time until your home is too irresistible to pass by.