Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring an HVAC Repair Company

When your HVAC system is in need of repair, reaching for the Yellow Pages and calling the first available contractor is not a wise decision. With so many resources available to you today, even if you were experiencing an emergency with the heating and cooling system, you could easily find a qualified contractor in short order if you hit the internet.

Barrus Heating and Air a leading “online” provider of air conditioning repair Summerville SC, gives us some of the common mistakes many homeowners make when choosing the HVAC repair team to fix their system.

HVAC Summerville SCThe days of going to the Yellow pages to find a reliable HVAC repair team are gone. Anyone can place an ad in that publication and claim to be a responsible contractor, but that doesn’t mean they are licensed, bonded, and insured. The same goes for an ad in your local newspaper, don’t trust the newspaper and assume the company is legit. Always ask to see proof the company is indeed registered and insured.

Just because you found this company’s business card, don’t think you can take them at face value. Ask any company that is going to be working inside your house for referrals. If they can not give you referrals, then walk away. The best business owners will be more than happy to brag about the work they do and put you in touch with people who can talk about their prices, workmanship, and efficiency.

If you are not doing regular maintenance on your HVAC system, then things can go bad very quickly, and usually at the worst times. When you are not having the system maintained on a regular basis, then when you turn it on for the first time in winter or summer and find out there is an issue, you are forced to call the HVAC professionals at the busiest time of their year. That mean you are going to be paying a premium to have them come rush to your location.

If you did not research your HVAC company carefully, you could find that the quote they gave you and the price you are being invoiced for are two different things. There are some companies that will slip in an up-charge here and there in the fine print, and before you know it you are baying double what you thought.

Now that you know about the mistakes you need to avoid when looking for a HVAC team to repair your system, you should e able to find the most qualified company in short order.